Talk to Mae because life does not come with how-to instructions.

A Texas Straight-Shooter With Integrity

If you live in south-central Texas, and you have a legal challenge that you can’t tackle yourself, you can turn to Garza & Associates, PLLC. Founding attorney Mae Garza has earned a reputation for protecting her clients’ rights through honesty, integrity and years of experience.

Mae grew up a military brat before becoming a teacher, working as a reporter overseas, getting married, going to law school, founding her own law firm and raising children. Her firm is the one-stop shop you need if you are searching for an attorney who will be in your corner ready to fight. Her previous clients even have a saying: “Mae don’t play.”

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Whether you have a family legal issue, face a criminal charge or survived a serious injury, Mae is ready to help. She goes all in, thoroughly examining your options and laying them out so you have the power to make the best decision. Read more about her staff members by following these links:

Always Telling It Like It Is

Mae believes in telling the unvarnished truth, even if it is not easy to hear. She expects the same of her clients. Even if you fear that coming forward with the truth could get you in more trouble, you can trust that Mae will listen nonjudgmentally and provide helpful advice. She goes out of her way to establish professional yet compassionate relationships so that she can truly advocate for your best interests.

Ready For A Good, Clean Fight?

Legal troubles do not go away if you avoid them – they only get worse. Instead, face them head-on with Garza & Associates, PLLC. To speak with Mae, contact her San Antonio office to request a FREE initial consultation. Get in touch by calling 210-762-5466 or by using her online contact form.